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Struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can make you feel like you are drowning with no lifeline anywhere in sight. However, addiction does not have to consume you completely. You do not have to drown in your addiction. There is help available to pull you out of your addiction. Let us be a part of that rescue team. At Owensboro Addiction Treatment Centers, we offer complimentary addiction treatment advisory and referral services to help you find the right addiction treatment center for your individual needs.

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What Is an Addiction?

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a condition that affects every aspect of a person's life. No facet of their health or their personality is left unaltered or unaffected by the disease of addiction. Most people first notice the behavioral changes that occur with addiction and fail to see all of the rest of the causes and effects of this serious condition.

The behavioral changes have to do with a person's compulsive need to consume or use drugs or alcohol. People with addictions cannot control their need and desire to abuse drugs or alcohol and will continue to do so even if there are serious consequences occurring as a result of their addiction and substance abuse.

Many people think that these behavioral issues are all that goes into an addiction to drugs or alcohol and that this means the person can choose to stop abusing drugs or alcohol if their willpower or character is strong enough. The problem with this line of thinking is that it is full of fallacies. An addiction is not just about the behavioral changes that occur. It is also a physical health condition. An alcohol or drug rehab in Owensboro or the surrounding cities can help you recover from addiction.

When a person has a drug or alcohol addiction, their brain is actually physically addicted to drugs or alcohol as well. The brain develops what is known as a chemical dependency on the substance, and cannot function on a regular, daily basis without the substance in the body. This chemical dependency along with the mental and emotional reasons that a person began abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place, make it impossible for someone to just choose to break free from an addiction.

Addiction is a powerful disease and it has many negative effects and consequences on a person's life. The emotional and behavioral changes that a person goes through because of their addiction can cause them to lose relationships with their friends and family members, can lead to lost jobs, and can also cause confrontations to occur that might become dangerous. The physical effects of drugs or alcohol are also powerful and potent. A person could experience potentially life-threatening infections, heart failure, strokes, and organ damage or failure, among many other health issues.

Is Addiction Recovery Possible?

Of course, the next question is whether it is even possible to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. After all, if death can occur at any time, some people might reason that there is no hope of recovery. However, you can recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You just cannot do it alone. Addiction recovery requires help, support, and compassionate care from an addiction treatment center. Owensboro Addiction Treatment Centers can help to connect you with the right center for addiction treatment in Owensboro or local area for you.

How Owensboro Addiction Treatment Centers Can Help

At Owensboro Addiction Treatment Centers, we offer advisory and referral services to help you find the best possible addiction treatment center for you and your needs. When you call us at (502) 638-2843, you will be connected with an addiction treatment advisor right away. They will ask you a few questions about yourself and your addiction as well as your preferences in treatment. As such, if you are looking for an alcohol rehab in Owensboro, a drug rehab in Owensboro, or an addiction treatment center elsewhere, your preferences will be prioritized.

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